5 things to do before you mail your wedding invitations

Thursday, March 9th, 2017


vintage wedding stamps

Wedding invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks before the date. Before mailing yours, be sure you’ve completed these last few tasks.

1. Budget a month to complete invitation assembly and addressing. Often we work with calligraphers who are out of town, so we’re sure to build time into our schedule for shipping envelopes back and forth. You may not be using a calligrapher; beautiful handwriting is just fine. Whatever method you’re using, you will need about a month to address, assemble and mail.

2. Proof read your address list, and always remember to spell it out. State names, street quadrants (“northwest”), the word “apartment,” suffixes, such as “junior,” should all be spelled out, not abbreviated.

3. Assemble your suite. Your invitation will be on the bottom, face side up, with enclosures, organized largest to smallest, on top of the invitation. The response card should be tucked into its stamped return envelope, print side up. Typically the order is: wedding invitation, reception card, reply card in envelope. You may have more enclosures. Order them by size.

4. Weigh one complete invitation set at the post office to be sure you’re using the correct postage.

5. Make sure all of your response card envelopes are stamped with return postage. Bonus points: number response cards so you know who they belong to in case a guest forgets to write her name.


photo katie stoops

*new* postage rates!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

classic calligraphy invitation

Postage rates increased by a penny yesterday. Erika at Delphine assembled a handy cheat sheet for standard postage rates of common wedding mailings. Of course, you should always take all of the pieces of your invitation to the post office to be weighed before you purchase postage, just to be safe.


erika’s article via think splendid; invitations by the lettered olive photographed by katie stoops & styled by courtney spencer for southern weddings magazine



Queen Quills calligraphy

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

I’m totally an obsessed fan. Emily’s work at Queen Quills is truly a work of art. Her lettering is full of whimsy, and I just couldn’t love it more.

If you’re considering calligraphy, Emily’s turn around time is generally between 14 and 18 days from the moment materials are received. Calligraphers tend to require extra envelopes (check how many extras they’d like…many stationers recommend about 25 extra). Also be sure to check the formatting requirements for your address list. Now, run over and look at her portfolio!

{all images courtesy Queen Quills}

Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Somehow I feel like Mr. Boddington and I are long lost soul mates. Quirky but refined. A little bit modern and a little bit heirloom…Mr. Boddington’s Studio makes me swoon.