Jen + Richard’s Charming Southern Wedding

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Jen and Richard were married October 5th on a farm just outside of Atlanta. Jen, of Miss Pickles Press, designed the invitations, guest favors (pumpkin butters, yum), cupcake toppers, cutlery envelopes, ceremony programs, bridesmaid gifts, gift tags, and s’mores packets. Jen said, “we had a BBQ reception with a bluegrass band, so i wanted all the crafts to reflect a ‘barn’ and ‘fall in the south’ kind of feel.”

Jen designed her dress with the help of Creations Bridal Boutique in Richmond, and seamstress, Jenni Crisci.

Flowers by Gloriosa Design.

Jen ordered the plain birdcage veil from Something Bold, and made the flower and feather fascinator that adorned it with floral and feather supplies from Michael’s!

“Chow Down” and “Good Grub” cutlery envelopes.

Custom made cupcake flags.

Guests left the reception with pumpkin butter in hand!

From top left:
The wedding invitation.

Jen gave her bridesmaids silk pouches that contained custom-made glass paperweights (see the paperweights on the last row on the right).

“Chow Down” and “Good Grub” cuterly envelopes for the reception.

On the far right, you’ll see custom made books (tied with orange ribbon) that contained Jen and Richard’s ceremony (for the minister to read from and for guests who did readings during the ceremony).

Paperweights for bridesmaids.

Detail of the wedding ceremony programs.

I just love Jen’s cake. Here’s what she said about the passage in the frame on top of it, “It’s a passage from Alice in Wonderland about Alice following the rabbit down the rabbit hole. When Richard decided to move to Virginia with me (we had only been dating for about 6 months), he said ‘let’s see how far down this rabbit hole goes’…of course meaning ‘ok – let’s see what this relationship has in store for us’…it was really sweet and was a huge leap of faith on his part. So I wanted some sort of homage to that. I designed a little old-timey graphic using the rabbit from the original illustrations, and found that little frame at Michael’s.”

Photography by Martha Manning for Missy Mclamb Photography and Ashley Blencoe of Studio Blencoe.

Thank you Jen and Richard for sharing your beautiful wedding with us! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Miss Pickles Press wedding designs!