word of the week: seating chart

Monday, June 27th, 2011

If you’re having a seated dinner you will have both a floor plan diagram and a seating chart. Your planner, venue or caterer will likely draw your floor plan. Here’s one we drew recently for an event on the lawn at Maymont:

wedding floor plan diagram

Corresponding to the diagram is a seating chart, which details who is sitting where, tells us what meal they have ordered (if you’re offering choices), if they have meal restrictions, if they are children and any other important details servers should know (i.e. this person is the mother of the bride!).

We like to code seating charts in the “coding” column. Here green stands for allergy and orange stands for a child’s meal. But, if we were offering meal choices at this event, we would code guests (either by color or symbol) to signify entree choice. In that case, the coding on this sheet would match the coding on your guests’ place cards.