looking back at 2010 part one

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

2010 has been such a blessing. I feel so lucky to work in this industry with such creative people and fun clients. Let’s look at a few of them…

Above: Natalie in Forest Hill Park for her bridal portraits photographed by Katie Stoops. That was such a gorgeous day, and Natalie was obviously a stunning bride.

Above: Leslie + Jarrod at Lewis Ginter’s Bloemendaal House. Leslie designed the silhouettes used throughout her wedding. And those little pies? Baked by none other than the fabulously talented Jenny West at Sweetest Thing Bakery. Photography by Katie Stoops.

"vintage sheet music"

These little flowers at Natalie’s wedding were so popular I’m tempted to take orders. They hung on the wall behind the band at Crittenden Studio. Natalie’s husband is a musician, so they held special meaning and were a big surprise to the bride and groom who had no idea that we’d been cooking up this scheme with Natalie’s mom all along. Photographed by Jennifer Colina.

Ashley and Paul’s classic Richmond wedding captured by Don Mears Photography. Ashley was so thoughtful — she wrote a note to each guest who attended her wedding that we displayed on place settings in the Empire Room at The Jefferson Hotel.

Leslie again. This time with bridesmaids, her mother and me. All of us with laser-like precision and determination buttoning her gown before the ceremony. Crochet hooks are your friend. Photography by Katie Stoops.

Logan’s sweet wedding at her parent’s home in Ware Neck, Virginia. It was a magical night, made even more magical by the golf cart we piloted throughout the evening (necessary when you’re setting up an event of this size on a sprawling plantation). Photography by Worthington Photography.

Our story for Nonpareil Magazine published early in the year. What the story in the magazine doesn’t tell you is that my spaniel ate a stack of these cookies while we broke for lunch. Fail. Baking by Jenny West of Sweetest Thing Bakery. Photography by Katie Stoops.

Megan and James’ wedding reception took place in a beautiful Sperry tent at a private farm, owned by friends of the family, while cocktails and dancing took place here following dinner. That’s the team installing more than 1500 feet of crepe paper. We installed pretty bistro lights here as well.

Part two coming tomorrow…