Custom-fabricated design schemes; super-sized guest lists; events with editorial polish; parties that are over-the-top fun; celebrations that deeply resonate the couple’s story and style at every turn: these events require expert crafting & construction and consistent management from one point of contact, planning through production. Courtney partners with clients providing event planning services that fall into three categories:

Logistics: budgeting, status checklists, calendar management, meeting scheduling, timelines, questions of etiquette, vendor procurement

Design: conceptualizing the event design, briefing vendors on the design scheme, décor selection, layout/space planning, event day styling

Production: overseeing the installation of your event, vendor coordination, executing the event day timeline, ceremony rehearsal assistance. And the rest: dog-wrangling, on-the-fly bouquet making, high level negotiations with flower girls, sewing bridesmaids into torn party gowns (true story!).

We recognize that clients will reach out to us at different points during wedding planning; whether you’ve just said “yes!” or are a bit further along, we’re eager to develop a proposal that is uniquely designed just for you.