brass ornament d.i.y.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

brass gold christmas ornament diy brass gold christmas ornament diy brass gold christmas ornament diy

Hi everyone! Happy to be back to share a quick and super easy project I did over the weekend. This project came to me in a flash when I saw some brass ornaments that I loved, but at $20+ per ornament the real things weren’t happening, so I created these ornaments as an alternative.

I found the plastic figurines and spray paint at Michael’s. The figurines range from $2 to $6. The gold spray paint is made by Design Master, and although $7-$8 a can for for spray paint seemed steep initially, it was absolutely worth it. I love the color gold it produces.

What you’ll need:

*plastic animals (I used this brand) that you can find at most craft stores

*screw eyes (I used these)

*primer (like kilz)

*gold spray paint (I used this brand — color 231 Gold Medal– found at Michael’s)

*electric drill and drill bit (I used a spade drill bit to start the hole because I had one on hand from carving pumpkins!)

To make the ornaments…

1. Drill hole for screw eye, then screw the screw eye into figurine.

2. Prime figurine with kilz. I tried the project first without priming, and found that the spray paint adheres much, much better with primer.

3. When primer coat is dry, spray with gold paint. Thread with ribbon, and you’re done!

These little animals will be decorating our tree this year, but they would also be so pretty tied on packages, as gifts or as wedding favors for a winter wedding. They’re so easy and lots of fun to make! Happy holidays!

father’s day d.i.y.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

father's day d.i.y.

I had so much fun concepting and producing this project for Oh Joy, fun for father’s day and any summer party, really. Please go check it out! Thanks to Kaycee Deen Hopper for the pretty pictures! And thanks, of course, to Joy for having me again!

happy mother’s day

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

I had fun creating this quick + easy Mother’s Day D.I.Y. for Oh Joy! Hope you’ll pop over and have a look!

mother's day d.i.y.

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas! xo

{photography by katie stoops}

Neon Dip Dyed Easter Eggs

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

neon dip dye easter eggs

I had so much fun working on this Easter story for Oh Joy! I hope you’ll click over to read the story and make some neon dip dyed eggs of your own!


photo by katie stoops

dip dyed

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

polly wreforddip dye tableclothpolly wreford_dip dye tablecloth_red magazine

Loving these dip dyed table cloths. Such an easy and affordable way to dress up a basic cotton linen and to have something unique and custom for an event!


images: 1 + 3 photographed by Polly Wreford for Red Magazine first spotted here and here at Bright Bazaar; 2 photographed by Emma Lee via House to Home

ethereal ombre

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

ombre wedding inspirationombre wedding inspirationombre wedding inspiration

Loving all of the delicate watercolor-inspired ombre details I’ve been seeing lately, from pretty hanging pendants, to cakes, to this brilliant d.i.y. project designed by Joy Thigpen for Once Wed.

photos: Pendant lampshade, place setting and cake via Martha Stewart; Napkins via Once Wed

clothespin pinwheels & garlands

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

I find so much inspiration from interesting merchandising and store displays. Today I’m loving these clothespin creations from Anthropologie. Not only are the clothespin pinwheels & garlands really interesting visually, the shade of orange is stunning!

{all images via anthropologie}

craft crush

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

This post is for Susan*, who asks, “where do you get that stuff?” in regards to the projects I’m always working on for clients. I spend a lot of time shopping the usual suspects…michael’s, ben franklin, paper source, but I just discovered Olive Manna and Cute Tape and crush…major crush.

So many cool things you can do with decorative tape from cute tape. Like this…brilliant. Also love this cotton tape, perfect for stamping.

I’m a big fan of tags…so many uses from escort cards to labels, but wooden tags? Takes it to an entirely new level. Will be stocking up on these beauties for Christmas gift wrapping.

{from the top: clothespins, tags on top right, tags on bottom left, bunting; tape; wooden tags, twist ties}

*Susan promises me that I’m going to get to work on a marthable craft project sometime this fall, and I’m holding her to it. ; )

how-to: table card display

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

"place card ideas"

I made this project for Jon and Lauren’s wedding last year at Veritas (photograph above by Elizabeth Messina). Before we get started, if you need a refresher on the difference between place cards and table cards, you can revisit this post.

"place card DIY"

The first image in the post shows you the final product. The image above shows you the materials…

1. Wooden crate I found the wooden crate used here at Smith & Hawken’s very sad but very rewarding store closing sale. You could craft something similar or use a vintage wooden crate.

2. Heavy gauge copper wire. Look for it at craft stores.

3. Needle nose pliers.

4. Green styrofoam. Also at craft stores, my dears.

5. Reindeer moss. Ditto on the craft stores.

6. Small hand saw. Good for carving pumpkins when not carving foam. Available at Lowe’s.

7. Acorns, pine cones, etc. Not pictured in the materials shot. Good to nest around the crate when it’s displayed.

8. Tented escort cards. Not pictured, but available at paper source.

"creative escort card idea"

"escort card display ideas"

First step: Cut foam to the width and depth of your wooden crate, creating an even surface that’s almost flush with the top of the crate.

"escort card display ideas"

Second step: Cover foam with reindeer moss.

"how to d.i.y. escort cards"

Third step: The copper wire will become the table card holder. You’ll need about 5″ per holder. Cut a piece to size now, and pick up your needle nose pliers.

"how to d.i.y. escort cards"

Fourth step: Griping the wire with needle nose pliers, gently turn one end of the wire around and around again, clockwise, until you have two circles.

"merriment events"

Fifth step: Release your needle nose pliers from the grip of the wire. Smooth the rough edge of the wire, and gently pry your two circles apart. You’ll see you have a place where you can insert the card.

"escort cards DIY"

Last step: Count the number of cards and plot out your rows.

"place card DIY"

Voila! You’re finished. Place your cards alphabetically in the crate. When you’re ready to display, nestle the crate in spanish moss with acorns and pine cones.

{first image courtesy elizabeth messina; how-to photos courtesy katie stoops photography}


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Big congratulations to Maddy, of the Inspired Bride, and Kristen, of Paper Crave, who launched Nonpareil today. Nonpareil is an online magazine that approaches weddings and other occasions with a focus on hip, stylish, do-it-yourself projects and inspiration. Maddy & Kristen have outdone themselves. Be sure to check it out!