katie + joel at westover plantation

Friday, January 10th, 2020

Perhaps one of my favorite design moments of the last ten years was Katie and Joel’s ceremony set up at Westover Plantation. Traditionally Westover ceremonies are set in the front of the house, facing the river, but we thought it would be so lovely for the well-known gates on the back side of the house to be the backdrop for Katie and Joel’s ceremony. We thought the finials on the columns made great symbolic sense for a marriage — the pineapple for hospitality, acorn for perseverance, Greek Key for knowledge, the cornucopia for plenty/abundance, a beehive for industry and an urn of flowers for beauty. How lovely to stand in front of gates punctuated by such symbols of virtue!

Following the ceremony, Katie and Joel retrieved their buried bottle of bourbon (a Southern tradition that’s meant to ensure good weather if buried exactly one month prior to the date).

Meanwhile, their guests cocktailed (and later dined and danced) on the front side of the house, with the river in view.

We’re so fortunate to have such beautiful backdrops for weddings in Virginia, and generous homeowners, like the Erdas, who share their treasured homes with us. Thank you to Jen Fariello and A Pimento who were instrumental in making this day a success!


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