7 things we can’t live without on a wedding day

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

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Would you believe me if I told you that I once sewed a bridesmaid into her dress after an unfortunate dance floor accident? It’s true. Or how about the time that a maid had too much to drink at the rehearsal dinner and found herself sick at the altar the next day? Her bouquet was the casualty. Thank goodness we’re able to make bouquets on the fly while nursing a sick one with sprite and saltines. Our wedding day kit is a lifesaver. Here are seven of our favorite things that are always stocked in our wedding day kit:


    1. 1. Steamers. We are known for arriving at weddings, steamers in hand. We always steam linens, focusing especially on those we know will be highlighted in photographs (the head table, cake table, escort card table, bars). There’s nothing worse than a huge, ugly crease in a table linen, and just ask a photographer how much they love photoshopping creases out of linens (hint: not at all). Steamers also are imperative to have on hand for dresses wrinkled in transit.


    1. 2. Baby wipes. I was singing the praises of baby wipes long before I had my daughter, Birdie. These little miracle workers are so versatile, we’d never be caught without them. If you have a stain on your dress: baby wipes. A little spill: baby wipes. Need to cool your head on a hot summer day? Baby wipes.


    1. 3. Straight pins. I can’t tell you how many bouquets and boutonnieres I’ve made or remade under pressure two minutes before walking down the aisle. It’s my party trick. Straight pins are there in a pinch for pining ribbon to bouquets or pinning boutonnieres to lapels. I also like to keep ribbon cutting scissors, a few shades of ribbon, floral tape and rubber bands on hand at all times.


    1. 4. Bobby pins. Without fail a lady will need a bobby pin for her hair, whether she’s having a last minute coiffure crisis or needs to attach a floral crown. Don’t leave home without them.


    1. 5. Water. Self explanatory. Also Altoids mini mints are a must.


    1. 6. Clear lip gloss and a few shades of lipstick.  When you’re taking portraits, whether on your wedding day, bridal portraits or engagement, a glistening lip is best. I always tell brides to lick their lips in between each shot. Trust. It works. But it’s also nice to apply a clear gloss or retouch color. Often brides forget their lipstick, but we don’t!


  1. 7. Sewing kit. See torn party dress above. The sewing kit is a must.

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