we’re having a baby!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Baby shower inspiration

If you’ve noticed that things have been slower around here than usual, posts are late or they don’t come at all, that’s because we’re having a baby! Managing the first three months and getting ready for wedding season….it’s felt like a marathon. Things will stay strictly weddings & entertaining over here. I have no intention of blogging baby, but baby showers? Have you seen the new issue of Martha? And the Mother Goose baby shower? I’m not a themey kind of gal, but it’s super cute. Above, invitations with clip art you can download at MSL by Anna Bond of Rifle Design introduce the theme of the party. Below, “goldilox” tea sandwiches, Humpty Dumpty custard cups and Baker’s Man brownies continue the Mother Goose theme.

Baby shower inspirationbaby shower inspirationbaby shower inspiration

To see more baby shower inspiration, visit my collection here on Pinterest!


2 Responses to “we’re having a baby!”
  1. bridget says:


    I love your blog, am always checking in to see the latest posts – this one is very special!

  2. erica says:

    not sure how i missed this post before, but Congratulations! how exciting for you and the Mister. and if the spirit moves you, i definitely wouldn’t mind some baby-themed blog posts.

    cheers! erica @ tinseltwine

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