Things I took away from the Royal Wedding

Friday, April 29th, 2011

In no certain order….

Gigantic boutonnières are a no. Please note how dapper and sophisticated Mr. Middleton looks with his diminutive boutonniere.

Royal Wedding_William Kate

Sleeves are always stunning, and surprisingly original, given how popular the strapless white wedding gown is.

Kate Middleton bride

Wedding parties look fabulous in white.

Pippa MIddleton Royal Wedding

You don’t always have to wear your hair up, despite what your mother might say. And, by your mother, I mean my mother. ; )

Kate Middleton wedding

Classic always wins: green and white flowers, lily of the valley, white wedding shoes, weddings with decorum, and on and on…you get the picture.

Royal Wedding Kate and William

And, other things, for which I don’t have pictures.

*Don’t rush your reading! If James Middleton can deliver a reading in front of the entire world without rushing, so too can you!

*Be on time! British punctuality warms my heart.

*Simplicity is elegance.

*Don’t raise your glass when people toast to you. Did you note that the Queen did not taking part in singing “God Save the Queen?” That’s because it was being sung to her.

Image 1 via Racked; Image 2 via The Telegraph; Image 3 via The Telegraph; Image 4 via Racked; Image 5 via The Telegraph


2 Responses to “Things I took away from the Royal Wedding”
  1. Susie says:

    Great comments as usual, Courtney. The new princess is a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. Extremely elegant and tasteful. Sleeves are so back!

  2. Brittany says:

    I love this Courtney! I was impressed by James Middleton’s reading also. Pippa looked just as stunning as Kate in my opinion. Both of their dresses were stunning!

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