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Friday, September 10th, 2010

creative, inc

Just got this book in the mail, which was co-authored by Joy at Oh Joy. Why am I posting about a business book (which is really, really pretty for a business book, p.s.) here on the merriment blog? Because I get at least three inquiries a week from people who want to be in a creative field, specifically from people who want to come work with me. Which is really flattering, and I love mail.

Here’s the thing though. I get that what we do in the event industry seems really glamorous and pretty. It is. Sometimes. But there’s so much more to it than the pretty. So. Much. More.

To be honest, I didn’t start this business because I like bookkeeping or writing business plans, although I started my business knowing a great deal about that. High fives graduate school. I started this business because I wanted to do something much more creatively satisfying and to help people with some of the most important events in their lives (really, really rewarding…love it!). So, I get the attraction that people have to the industry. But, if you want to be in the event industry, my words of advice to you are this: pretend like you’re starting your own company, whether you plan to or not. Understand the mechanics of running a small business (even if only on a very basic level) so you are knowledgeable when you approach business owners for work. Understand the mechanics so you can be all that much more supportive & proactive should you land a job with someone. Start with Creative, Inc. It’s a keeper. Seriously would have loved to have had this when I started my business. Luckily though, I had lots of good friends and family members, who are small business owners themselves & helped me navigate.

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3 Responses to “creative, inc.”
  1. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the insight Courtney! Will definitely be checking this out!

  2. thegirltyler says:

    So glad you shared this – it’s definitely a book I’ll be ordering! Since I’ve gone out on my own I’ve realized that you can never have too many good reference books to help you out!

  3. hellolover says:

    I will definitely be purchasing this one!

    Great insight – I am one of those who are dreaming and hoping to start a career in the design business – I’m already interning for a wedding planning company and it is so true that there is so much to these types of jobs that is not glamorous – but I know for me seeing the couple happy on their big day makes it all so worth it!

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